Feng Shui Your Office Space And Liven Your 9-5 Mood

Working from home is becoming a new norm to this modern era. With all the uncertainty swamping every corner of the world, it is ideal to bring work at home. However, if your house is not conducive for a nine to five working hours, productivity can be compromised. 

Feng shui has been existing that helps in creating a seamless flow in a space. Having a workspace that is strategically designed to uphold convenience in accordance with its intended use is inevitable. Hence, if your mood during your working hours is at low, boost it with these feng shui ideas to liven up your space. 

Feng Shui Ideas To Liven Up Your Workspace

A Room With A View

Feeling enclosed within the four walls of your room can be confining. Ideas and inspirations may not be able to flow naturally. A good mood and a beautiful window view is one way to let great ideas in. 

What’s drawn in front of you is a source of your mood and energy all throughout a day. It could be a window facing a beautifully landscaped garden or a painting with a scenic ocean view. Whatever it is it has to be something close to your heart and something that will bring no chaos to your mind. 

Maintaining Cleanliness

The more organised and clean space, the better it will be in the eye and your mood. A room full of clutter also brings clutter to your head. It will be hard to think clearly. It is always best to keep thing organise by putting everything in one area or a box. A neat and clean workspace will boost your mood while keeping your thoughts aligned all day. Hence, clean as you go because tomorrow will be another day at work. 

Organise Your Digital Workspace

Your digital workspace is the most crucial aspect of your work. If you feel like nothing comes in your mind due to your work area filled with scattered papers, candy wrappers, and the like, you must be suffering from a psychological turmoil of which causes a mental or creative block. 

If you have a table full of unnecessary objects, take them and leave only the ones that you use regularly. Do not leave any room for extra things that serve you no purpose.

Lighting Is Your Friend

Natural light brings good mood while keeping your workspace well-lit. Natural light seeping through your windows is far better than the artificial lighting in your room. Apart from giving you a great ambience for a more conducive workspace, you can also save a lot of electricity. Hence, take advantage of that bright sunny day. You will never have to deal with another bad mood on your workday.

A Morning Energy Boost

Enjoy a positive momentum by starting the day with an energy boost. Mornings are always a challenge for those who work from home. You can work in your PJs or without brushing teeth which leads to a lazy workday. It will almost not let you get anything done. Hence, try a little bit of exercise in the morning after your usual coffee. It will not only deliver a boost of energy into your workspace but also give you the energy to work for the next eight hours. 

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. But, at the end of the day, the common goal of remote workers is to get something done before the clock hits 5 PM. Thus, if you are feeling confined in your current workspace, then maybe its time to feng shui your way out of it.