Kitchen Renovation – Tips And Tricks

How to refresh the look of your old kitchen

This time we decided to move away from our favourite topic – windows and give you a few tips around kitchen renovation.

If you need a kitchen upgrade but don’t have the sufficient budget to undergo a major renovation? Take a look at these tips to make changes to your boring kitchen without spending too much.

  1. Buy some cheap basswood shade, paint it with bright coloured paints and you have a colourful window for your kitchen. You can likewise make use of dry brush and randomly paint the windows to achieve aged look design.
  2. Paint your old boring kitchen walls with some bright coloured paint such as yellow or what you think that your kitchen will look lively. Don’t paint dark coloured paint for it will make your kitchen darker even in a day? You can also mix paint with glazing liquid to create a more vibrant coloured wall.
  3. Purchase some pinstripe tape for cars, use it under kitchen cabinets moulding and you can attain such a captivating accent. Also, paint your cabinets to match the colour of the tapes you used. Another interesting idea for kitchen cabinets would be a vinyl wrap. These days you can purchase nice wraps with wood grains which could imitate real veneer on some luxurious & expensive kitchen cabinets designs.
  4. Making use of a fabric panel having hook-and-loop fastening tape to produce skirting below your countertop areas. You are able to cover aging home appliances for instance dishwashers as well as worn cabinets using a decorative new drape that hangs beneath the edge of your kitchen countertops.
  5. Take advantage of your mismatched pots, pans and mugs to spruce up a fashionable shelf hanging within your kitchen wall. Brightly coloured pots and pans, as well as hanging teacups, create lovely decor.
  6. Use your cherished family photographs to furnish a corner or even nooks. You may use affordable picture frames along with an adorable shelf being a manifestation of your house and your way of life.
  7. When your own countertops aren’t exactly what they happen to be, eliminate the old spot and change it with colourful, mismatched tiles you possibly can buy at almost any discount home shop. In case your countertops are not level, make use of a piece of plywood to balance out the area just before you place down the tiles.
  8. In the event that your fridge has seen its far better times, get a dealer of the cut chalkboard to match the front and glue it precisely to an area of your fridge. Take advantage of pine boards to create a border and also you can have your very own note centre directly on your refrigerator.

Redecorating your kitchen doesn’t need a huge amount of money. With just a little imagination you can turn your boring kitchen into what you want it to be. Paints, curtains and even photographs make a big change in every kitchen. So make sure to use your imagination and little creativity when renovating a place and never always depend on spending money.