Feng Shui Your Office Space And Liven Your 9-5 Mood

Working from home is becoming a new norm to this modern era. With all the uncertainty swamping every corner of the world, it is ideal to bring work at home. However, if your house is not conducive for a Read more

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Choosing the right kitchen benchtop

Kitchen Design: Choosing The Right Kitchen Countertop

Designing a kitchen is far more than just aesthetics. Its functionality is the foremost important factor that requires meticulous decision making. Colours, materials, and concept make up the facade of your kitchen. Read more

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Social Media | Why Your Business Needs to Grow Along With It

Social media is one of the great influencers of this generation. It is a vital platform wherein most of the population globally is engaging. As for enhancing the brand’s visibility online, social media is one thing that increases the Read more

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Kitchen Renovation – Tips And Tricks

How to refresh the look of your old kitchen

This time we decided to move away from our favourite topic – windows and give you a few tips around kitchen renovation.

If you need a kitchen upgrade but don’t Read more

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Replacing Hardwood Windows with Double Glazed Windows

The purpose of this post is to exactly guide customers who are considering upgrading hardwood windows to have a better insulation and more efficient double glazed windows. Part of the quest is knowing AU Building Regulations and Document Information, Read more

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